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Higashikawa, the photography capital of Japan and till very recently, the only ‘town of photography in the world’ is a quaint small town nestled near the Asahi-dake mountain. A hidden gem, just 1.5hrs of flight from Tokyo, it is a place of wonders and wonderful people. Here one would find, (probably) the best water in the world, the best rice in Japan and therefore, the best rice in the world, the best Sake in Japan, the best coffee roaster in Japan, amongst the best skiing places, the list goes on. There is something on offer through the seasons, for one to explore, experience and be energised. And yes, there are most definitely, vegetarian and vegan food options… But what would endear this town to anyone is the feeling of community and the beautiful, kindly townspeople that would welcome outsiders with open arms…

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Apartment hotel at base of Asahidake the highest peak of Hokkaido & largest national park in Japan.Water from tap is snow melt water from the sacred mountain.You have beauty & relaxing moment as your home, with living room, kitchen and bath room.

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